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Abandoned Dwellings


Abandoned Dwellings

16 X 13 Inches

The life is leaving old dwellings. The ancient river of life dried up, and desert sand still keeps the traces of its streams. A shell brought by the river is empty. Even the Sphinx silently left its place alongside the pyramids. The Moon appeared in the sky, a frozen sphere, perhaps, once, millions of years ago, abandoned by its inhabitants. …The campfire went to ashes, the darkness is impending, and the caravan is in a hurry to other towns where the light of warm dwellings shines, where the river of life has not run dry yet. This is a key moment. Remaining alone with the indifferent cold Cosmos, man looks for a foothold in the world. Attention should be paid to the symbolism of geometrical figures used on the picture: a circle, a spiral, and a triangle. The circle and the spiral are symbols of perfection, symbols of the Cosmos, while a triangle is a symbol meaning "Heaven — Sky — Lower World", or "Body — Mind — Soul."

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