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Across the Mountains and into the Trees


Across the Mountains and into the Trees

29 X 39 Inches

Love has long been associated with the private garden, protected from the view by the trees or mountains. It is the concept of the Garden of Eden, connected with the images of Adam and Eve in the Christian culture, Shiva and Parvati - in India...
The dominant blue colors of the painting symbolize the colors of the of the sky, and symbolize the infinity, peaceful and spiritual life.
Blue petals resemble feathers, which is associated with the image of the "Blue Bird", that brings happiness and good fortune, according to many world cultures.

The title of the painting is related to Ernest Hemingway' famous novel "Across the River and into the Trees" was released in 1950. The book tells about the last love of Colonel Richard Cantwell. Like many other works of the writer, the novel includes many autobiographical episodes and stories.

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