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Arrival Of The Flower Ship


Arrival Of The Flower Ship

39 X 31 Inches

The images of the picture were possibly suggested by the most famous "botanical" venture in history. By the early 19th century the British ship "Bounty" sailed to take, from Tahiti to the Caribbean, the plants of the bread fruit tree. The planters wanted to use them to feed the slaves working on fields. But Tahiti amazed the crew appearing before the seamen as a shining paradise. They did not want to leave the South Seas and mutinied against the captain. The artist represents the "flower" ship sailing among the islands of the terrestrial paradise. The pink glow of her gladioli sails illuminates all around. The sea surface is strewn with flower petals. The natives use them to approach the ship, greeting her with palm branches. Magnificent voyage turns into a triumphal procession.

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