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24 X 20 Inches

The painting by Vladimir Kush is a paraphrase of the well-known work by Pablo Picasso “Girl on the Ball, painted in his blue period. There is an athlete and a girl balancing on the ball on the foreground of the painting. The athlete on the Picasso painting symbolizes motionlessness and stability, while the girl is the symbol of life and flexibility.

The painting by Picasso is built on contrasts. The bluish- pink light on the background signifies only a specific period of Picasso’s creative life. In essence, Pablo Picasso was sure that any physical body could be represented with planes and facets. This assurance was proved by the fact that the painting is a 2 dimensional plane, and everything else is an illusion.

The outline of the horse on a pasture and the figure of the bystander woman with the child are lacking any volume and are slipping off the painting.

Vladimir Kush is bringing back the 3 dimensional realities of color and shape and their significance in the painting. He establishes that the contradiction between such opposites like hard-stone and flexible-life is going much further than the postmodernist trick. The artist introduces a really dramatic element into the picture. The girl balancing on the edge of a blade is in essence of a person balancing on the edge of the abyss, turning the dangerous stunt into the game. The powerful athlete on the foreground has turned into a monument with the vine growing over him.

The sun revives the landscape. At the same time its rays are shining as sharp blades. The flower leaning over the blade is an important symbol of life glorification

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