Cinderella_shoe w butterfly

3.5 x 5.5 X 9 Inches

Cinderella's Shoes

The artist utilizes the themes of a famous story about Cinderella and the prince who had fallen in love with her. However, an interest in symbolism and allegory can be traced in the imagery of the painting: as we know, alchemists were trying to turn base metals into precious ones but turning a poor orphan into a princess is also a kind of alchemic manipulation, a ÍštransmutationÍ› of cinders into gold!

Key concept
The shoe of Cinderella is the magic symbol of a simple girl turning into a princess. Lost at the ball and found again, the shoe has become a symbol of the Good luck and joy. Shining with gold, it tells us about New Life. It seems as we are just about to hear the sounds of the familiar Mendelson's wedding march, announcing, "The Bride is coming”!

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