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Claws of Fate_Oil

44 X 35 Inches

The artist has turned to the subject of human fate and the difficulty of choosing one’s path in life in other paintings such as “Life is beautiful” and one of his earlier pieces, “Hic Saltus.

Key Concept
Along the crossing diagonal lines or flight trajectories clearly visible in the painting, huge birds of prey will dive in momentarily, with the man, becoming their point of convergence!

As we look on, it seems he has no choice. The sharp pointed cliffs below and the sharp claws targeting him from above are all real – Scylla and Charybdis!

However, there is still hope of avoiding both. Something in the shape of a rock he is standing on reminds us of a ‘thumbs up’ – a symbol of rescue, of lending a helping hand.
The artist’s message is clear: Hope gives you wings, man!

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