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Melissa Kubek   Website 
Hello Vladimir,

it was truly a pleasure meeting you at your Lahaina Gallery & learning about the meaning behind you Blue Shirt Painting. I first learned about your art work from a website who features talented artists, etc. You are one of the featured artists on the site. When we first strolled through downtown Lahaina a couple weeks ago I was so excited to see your gallery. So, Friday the 16th my daughter and I came back in the evening to spend some time and to my surprise I had the pleasure of meeting you. My daughter and I spent nearly an hour taking in the story, imagery and details of each piece. I fell in love with your elephants! They're great!

Warm Regards, Melissa
Brenda   Website 
Mr. Kush,
I wanted to compliment you on such magnificent artwork. I was surfing online looking for images of Rue Du Mont Cenis and yours simply took my breath away like most of your paintings. They are so inviting and vivid. Kudos to you and I wish you the best!

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