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Contes Erotiques


Contes Erotique

25 X 20 Inches

The Marquise de Sade wrote volumes about his daring study of the sphere where sensual pleasures, sex, and uncontrolled desire reign. However, de Sade invented nothing; he just showed us ourselves. This is, as they say, the naked truth. For the artist there are no unsolvable mysteries, he is occupied not with moralizing, but with the quest for beauty. In nature there is no dirty spot, only we have introduced it in her. We have treated this "dirt" too superficially. Friedrich Nietzsche The image in some way reproduces the biblical theme Susanna and the Old Men, to which artists from different epochs showed interest – such as Rembrandt, Goya, etc. The old men – here are, obviously, the books, that display a keen interest in the "woman" who reveals to them her beauty secrets.

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