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Matrix of love


Matrix of Love

56 X 58 Inches

Matrix of Love

This painting is, essentially, the story of human love. It is the “Morning of Love” and the “Evening,” the “Spring” and the “Autumn.”

For the artist, each object is an expression of love in the mirror of metaphorical images. Alike Carl Linnaeus’ classifying of species, there came a point in the artist’s artistic life when certain classification became necessary.

1. Love as a fruit, grown by The Two- a man and a woman. Alike the bulb of the Amaryllis, it is sitting at first in the darkness and tranquility only to appear then to the world with the flame of the flower, in the color of love and passion.

2. Or, it is ripening in the tight nutshell (just as feelings can ripen). The enclosed space of the walnut is a metaphor of the love paradise, created by the two lovers, “Walnut of Eden.”

3. Being enlightened by love and the inspiration it brings. It is a metaphor of the magnificent sunny morning, bringing light and warmth and irradiating on the blossoming flower, “Morning Blossom.”

4. The outline of the scissors resembles the androgen. It is a symbol of the unity of a man and a woman. Their movement resembles the love dance and the pile of paper notes symbolizes the love, “text messages.”

5. The symbolism of the key in the context of the painting. This is the key to the heart of a woman.

6. The reflection of the two figures in the pendulum. This is a symbol of a “Stopped Moment:”
“Freeze the moment- it is beautiful!”

7. The conch shell is a sexual symbol. Its pink color inside is symbolic of the blood of man and woman.

8. The two wine glasses symbolize romantic aspirations. The toast is the customary wish of moral and physical health to each other.

9. The Purse is a symbol of accumulating treasures. This is material wealth and spiritual love.

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