Cybernetic assemblage


Cybernetic Assemblage

24 X 30 Inches

The chameleon is a symbol of adaptation to the ever-changing circumstances of the surrounding world.

This is one of the wonders of the animal world, reminiscent of a cybernetic model of an extraterrestrial. Its paws – which resemble a ball-and-socket – and its ability to change the coloration of its skin, move its eyes independently of each other, and shoot its tongue toward a target, all somehow relate it to mythological creatures such as dragons.

A dragon has horns (there are also horned chameleons!), the eyes of a demon, four legs, and a snake’s tail. The Chinese believe in dragons. They see them in the changing shapes of clouds. They often launch kites shaped like dragons.

The chameleon was a holy creature to many African cultures. It was associated with thunder, lightning, rain, and the sun. According to the folklore of African Pygmies, the chameleon assisted the gods in creating mankind

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