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Dionysius Theater


Dionysius Theater_oil on wood

16 X 20 Inches

It was Leonardo da Vinci who first recognized the remarkable connection between the passage of time and the number of rings on a tree stump. These stages of maturation are referred to as growth rings. In Kush’s painting “Current,” the correlation between time and the rings is interpreted as a stream that inevitably carries man relentlessly forward.

The Theater of Dionysius was the main open-air theater in Athens. Built at the foot of Acropolis and named after the god of wine and fertility, it served as a venue for various festivities and dramatic performances.

Key Concept
Plays written by such great authors as Aristophanes, Sophocles, Euripides and Aeschylus and performed at the Theater of Dionysius have reached us through the thick layers of time, as the theatre was first built of wood and replaced with stone in 325 BC.

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