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Family Tree


Family Tree

36 X 27 Inches

The painting is a hymn to the family remaining the principal element of human society. It represents the family tree as a mighty tower trunk surrounded by tiers of towersbranches. Its appearance reminds us the saying "My home is my fortress." The trunk of the tree symbolizes the unity of the family, while its branches represent the diversity of life. The Family tree is a grownup sprout of the Tree of Life – a mythological image known in many cultures. It originates in the idea of the great tree as the central axis of a divine energy stream. Here, the spirals of reinforcement represent this spiral movement from the bottom to the top. The family tree tower continues to grow, conveying the idea of the continuity of life. Above the door of the tree home hangs a mandala – a holy geometric composition symbolizing spiritual and cosmic order opposing confusion and disorder of the material world.

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