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Fashion whipped


Fashion Whipped_Oil

20 X 20 Inches

Fashion Whipped

• A dome-shaped structure looks, like a woman’s pump with stiletto heel.

• The arch of the pump reveals the arch of a bridge in the distance. This shape geometrically echoes the pattern of the shoe.

• Workers are painting a label on its underside

• The dome and arch signify upward drive, the striving for light, while at the same time observing harmony and symmetry.

• The beauty of it all could not escape the world haute couture.

Christian Louboutin, an obscure cabaret assistant, noticed the likeness between the finesse of the high-heeled shoe and that of the dome. The shoe’s sole was a metaphor for the canopy of heaven, and worthy of adoration. Naturally, he then decided that the color red-the color of passion-would apply.

Jennifer Lopez has recorded a hit song “Louboutins” and this designer’s footwear is popular with other stars, who use it both on stage and in daily life. The signature red bottoms have become a symbol of the gracious living

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