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Full Steam Ahead


Full Steam Ahead

11 X 14 Inches

The ship is cutting through the waves, it's pipes are smoking. The passengers, tired from the cities ant houses, are looking into the far away. The far away, where the hot sun is shining from the bottomless sky, where one will be embraced by the gentle waves of the sea and where the kaleidoscope of the exciting entertainment is awaiting. The ship is riding the waves like it is dancing. The painter's imagination was inspired by the old story of Cinderella, who lost her shoe at the prince's ball. Finally, she became the wife of that prince, who found that shoe. Later, the happy couple put the shoe on their family herald. A little more fantasy, and you can imagine such a ship, designed for the happy cruise. On every deck of the ship there are dancing and concert halls and the "Cinderella Balls" are thrown frequently.

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