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Gift for the bride


Gift for The Bride_Oil

36 X 48 Inches

Gift for the Bride

Historical Analogies
• Red shoes are hot.
• Red shoes play a role in “The Pantomime,” a short story by Japanese literary master Tetsuo Miura:

“How beautiful they are! Can such wonderful shoes even exist?” When she saw them, Moe thought they were flowers.”

Key Concepts

This painting works on three levels with each building upon the other-as does the sequence of the wedding ceremony. From foreground to background, it unfolds like a three-act play.

In the foreground, the stage is set. The bridegroom is about to take his bride on a boat trip. Barely visible on board is a small chest, or cofferet, adorned with a scarlet ribbon. It holds a surprise gift for his beloved.

The centerpiece reveals a wedding procession made up of cars that take on the form of shoes worn by the guest on their way to the upcoming celebration. Soon they will be gliding in pairs along a polished floor in a large ballroom.

In the background, the previous two scenes unravel against a dramatic backdrop. The clouds spreading over the sky are like the folds of a bridal gown. They appear ever so carefully arranged for the occasion.

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