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Heavenly Fruits


Heavenly Fruits

21.5 X 17 Inches

Islandgardens resembling clouds drift slowly across the golden ether over biblical hills. We see here a miraculous hovering ladder. Migratory pickers of Eden harvest, manipulating this ladder skillfully, "stride" leisurely, as if walking on stilts, from one fruitbearing crown to another, filling their baskets with celestial oranges. Weary faces of the pickers of celestial fruits are blown by ethereal breezes and washed with clear drops of nectar. "Every man will be awarded according to his work,' this is a wellknown biblical precept. And, indeed, the pickers' labor is crowned with welldeserved fruits! The key point of the picture is the exchange of roles between the Sky and the Earth. Their mutual changesover symbolize the cosmic unity that man is able to fathom when he determines his place in being.

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