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Horn Of Babel


Horn Of Babel

38.5 X 50 Inches

The horn resembles the Tower of Babel a symbol of human arrogance. According to the Bible, the people conceived the idea of constructing a tower high enough to reach heaven (or, possibly, to conquer it). Thus they wanted to put themselves at the same level as God and were punished for it. The Lord deprived them of their common language, and they could no longer understand each other. The heritage of the collapsed Tower is a lot of people who don't understand each other and aren't inclined to come to an understanding. Using biblical legend, the artist develops his own artistic concept. His Babel horn of plenty is a creating rather than a destroying structure. It spills out on the coast over other, more modest buildings one storied. But people living in "horizontal" communities are known to be much more disposed to communicate among themselves and understand each other than the residents of the "vertical" apartment towers. Thus the horn of Babel becomes a symbol of prosperity created by the postBabel, newly limited mankind populating new shores!

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