Hula Hoops

15 X 8 x 15 Inches

Hula Hoops

Historical Analogies

• The man and woman “engaged” and bound together by the rotating interlaced rings, are turning in a somnambulistic dance.
• This is the dance of their shared life.
• The interconnected hoops symbolized life’s flow; the more they rotate, the more tightly they tie bonds and knots, weaving the invisible fabric of their amorous union.

Key Concepts

The masks over the faces of the dancers create a carnival atmosphere with its inherent anonymity. But as is well known, the symbols of the carnival are double-faced: happiness and laughter are combines with danger and unpredictability. As a token of this unpredictability, playing cards are lining up around the dancers. The vulnerability of the lovers is recalled by their nakedness. The underlying fact is that happiness can, in a twinkling, collapse like a house of cards

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