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Invitation To Lunch


Invitation To Lunch

20 X 24 Inches

On the picture a solemn moment is represented when the Condor, incarnation of the spirit of the Andes, raises the napkin inviting people to the feast that symbolizes the return of souls of their ancestors to the Earth. According to Inca cosmology, the world is divided into three parts: the lower, underground world where souls of people who have not born yet abide, the earthly world, and the heavenly, celestial world. Their symbols were, correspondingly, Snake, Puma, and Condor. The Sacred Condor escorted souls of deceased on their way to the heavenly world — the domain of heaven and highest mountains. Here, among dazzling whiteness of eternal ice and blue color of the sky, souls were purified of every ill, and then, for some time, descended to the earth. There they communicated with the alive handing them down traditions of true life of Inca warriors. The crown of this reunion was the ritual feast taking place in the period of winter solstice, four days in a row of eating and drinking with the ancestors, "as if they were alive." The artist is under a strong influence of visits to Cuzco, the ancient capital of Peru, as well as to Machu Picchu, a legendary and mysterious site. When the white people came to Machu Picchu, they saw that all huts were abandoned. The Indians disappeared without trace… or vanished into the fourth dimension through the "mole burrow" of Time.

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