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Last Supper


Last Supper

28 X 44 Inches

Last Supper This painting is an allusion of the Christ' history and one of the versions of the "Last Supper." It is most similar to the classical mural Leonardo da Vinci created in the period of 1495 to 1497 in the monastery in Italy. According to the artist's idea, the "language of the flowers" is able to translate the tints of the feelings, evoked by the famous words of Christ: "One of you will betray me." In this painting there is a metaphor of the whole spectrum of all 12 apostles' characters developing before our eyes in front of the Inevitable. The usual interpretation allows the viewer to easily find Judas among the apostles – he is geometrically and imaginary opposite to the Christ. If the Christ is open to the sun and to the Kingdom of Light, Judas is hiding his face into the "hood", representing the Kingdom of Darkness. The cutoff grape branch placed on the edge of the table symbolizes the Christ's loneliness on this Earth as the god's son. "I am the true vine, and my father is the vine grower", says Christ in the Gospel of St. John. The head of Christ is turned to the sky, as if looking up to the Father, who sent him to the Earth to save the human souls. Only the Christ knows what his true mission is. He foresees his own destiny and knows his soul is already in a different space. This exit into the different space is anew in the imaginary depiction of the event. The very choice of the Last Supper allusion as a flower's gathering or in the garden isn't just at random. In the ancient traditions the image of the ideal world is often lost and gained in paradise. In the Gospel of St. John Maria Magdalena did not recognize Christ standing behind her back, thinking that it was a gardener. The history of the Christ after his arrival to Jerusalem is presented by the development of the flowers symbols: Palm branches symbolize the triumphal arrival of Jesus to Jerusalem and the greeting of Jesus the king. The broken Pomegranate symbolizes the crucifixion of Christ and his blood. The grapes are the symbol of the spiritual revival (as well as a symbol of Christ' blood) The butterflies are the symbol of the resurrection. They create an unusual halo around the head of Christ, preannouncing the celebration of the resurrection.

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