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Measure Of Greatness


Measure Of Greatness

27 X 20 Inches

Fragility of everything beautiful is one of paradigms of modern times. The artist intensifies this idea painting the Expiratory Temple of the Holy Family (Sagrada Familia) created by Antonio Gaudi, a great Spanish architect, as being built of sand. For a brief moment the temple hangs in the air between sky and ground; then it will be swallowed up by Lethe, the river of oblivion… However, the image of the temple sinking into the abyss gives rise to other mental associations. This brings to mind a French legend embodied in the work for piano and orchestra "The Sunk Temple" by a great composerimpressionist Claude Debussy: this music depicts fantastic images of sounds of a organ heard from the depth of the ocean. And here we come up to the artists' fundamental idea: beauty does not perish, its images change from one to another, leaving their imprint on our souls. This is a something of Symplegades (Clashing Rocks) between which a human soul passes leaving its "experience" behind as an "idea."

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