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Music Of The Woods


Music Of The Woods

25 X 20 Inches

Entering the arches of the wood we bear its voices; singing birds, murmuring trees, the rustle of grass, knocking sound a woodpecker makes... Strolling through the woods, the famous king of waltz Johann Strauss "overheard" this music and inspired by it composed his famous Tales from the Vienna Woods. Contemplation of wonderful landscapes, dreamy mood created the musical images of the fascinating piece. Perhaps just this melody is playing now an ancient gramophone hidden in a wood corner. This and many other tunes are said to have been recorded by tree elves for a small wood festival. Behind the trees and bushes, unseen to us, have settled down and are enjoying the music the wood spirits Apple Tree Men, Oakmen, wood goblins and other tribes… Using smooth transitions, the artist combines the tints of the painting from carmine till blue into one festive motif of wood symphony.

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