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Mythology of the Oceans and Heavens


Mythology of the Oceans and Heavens

39 X 99 Inches

Myths were created in the cradle of Mankind when people tried to give an explanation to the surrounding things, for example, the Sun with its rays like arrows casting away darkness at sunrise and at dawn disappearing in a hole behind the horizon. They strived to understand the unseen world of noises and fears in which a man sitting by the fire immersed at Night, or to explain the cycles of the Moon, its miraculous changes of shape, from a crescent to the full disk, and then the magical disappearance for 3 days. Man tried to comprehend the Nature in its diversity: Fish hiding underwater, Birds flying so lightly and fast. They were amazed by the horns of snails being similar to the sharp moon, slithering Snakes reminding of capricious winding lakes, Turtles' shells resembling shields which later started to symbolize peace and protection.
Back then, people considered the Sun and the Moon, the Day and the Night animate. For many centuries Indians believed that eclipse was caused by an Evil Beast trying to devour the sun, and they shot arrows to scare the monster away. The Aztecs made numerous sacrifices to the Sun God like in the film “Apocalypto” directed by Mel Gibson.

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