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Ocean Sprouts


Ocean Sprouts

37.5 X 32 Inches

Gigantic Leaf, fitting a whole country inside – is it possible? You may answer impossible. But not quite... Every leaf is a tiny microcosm, filled with sun and water and producing the green molecules of life. As with our Great Leaf creating buildings and bridge, nurturing herds of animals, life. You can reach the Ocean by going down the stem, floating down its current.. And here it all is! We finally can track down the architecture of the painting, conceived by its' artist. It seems like that thousandyear old Leaf has flown down from the branches of the Great World Tree, the symbol of the Universe. It exists in all world mythologies. No wonder that the picture is painted in greenishearthy "wooden" tones. The life juices of the leaf on the tree are mixed with the juices streaming down its trunk, and when reaching the Ocean, earth's powerful River of Life.

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