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One Day in the Life

21.5 X 24 Inches

Due to its lightness, fanciful flight patterns, and the analogy drawn between its stages of development and man’s cycles of spiritual revival, the butterfly symbolizes the human soul. This association is recognized in the cultures of Zaire, Central Asia, Mexico and New Zealand.

Key Concepts
As the famous Soviet song goes: “Life is only a fleeting moment between the past and the future.”

As a metaphor of the transience and fragility of human life itself, the painting has an element of drama. The catcher encroaches upon the short lifespan of the butterfly with a net disguised as a huge, sweet-scented sunflower. Only for a brief moment does the butterfly sparkle with beauty, then disappears forever in the collector's box! The figure of the catcher is time itself making a trap for human destiny.

This type of deception can captivate our soul. As Pushkin said, “The illusion which exalts us is dearer to us than ten thousand truths.”

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