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Princess Cinderella


Princess Cinderella

18 X 24 Inches

The artist uses motives of the Cinderella fairy tale, a girl who lost her crystal shoe at the ball and the prince who fell in love with her. We discover here as well an interest to symbolism and allegory, particularly found in texts of medieval alchemy. We know alchemists tried to transform base metals into gold. But in fact transformation of a poor girl to a fine princess is also a kind of alchemical manipulation, "transmutation" of"cinders" into gold. The picture represents the arrival of Princess Cinderella – a fairhaired beauty of the North to her groom. His carriage is just about to arrive. Princess and her retinue are walking in the shining beauty of nature. The wind welcomes her filling her veil and transforming it into a shoe a symbol of Cinderella's destiny. The sky is filled with alternating stripes of rays and rain and the fanciful game of clouds. Crystal ripples sparkle and glisten in the sun. All this gives rise to a feeling of renovation, joy of the beginning a new life. Now we seem to be hearing the sounds of familiar music: "Here Comes the Bride!"

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