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purple dancers


Purple Dancers

27.5 X 34.5 Inches

The theme of the “Three Graces” has been popular since ancient times. In medieval art, graces were presented as a “stark beauty.” Botticelli introduced the movement in this theme in his painting “Primavera,” with the s-shape movement of the graces’ arms. Later, Edgar Degas brought movement into the theme in his famous “Blue Dancers.”
The title of the piece derives from Degas’ “Blue Dancers.”
The purple color is an obvious dominant in this painting and symbolizes the ‘detachment’ and ‘superiority’ of the dance. Indeed, the color of the sky is blue, but purple is above it in the most superior layers of the atmosphere, approaching the blackness of the Cosmos. It is the last color in the spectrum that is discernable by the human eye.

Also known is the “Dance of Flowers” from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker ballet.

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