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Purple Horse At Chartres


Purple Horse At Chartres

31 X 23 Inches

We see a cypress "grove" which has transformed into the majestic cathedral of Chartres. The cypress, in antiquity is a symbol of death and mourning, but with the coming of Christianity it has become a symbol of eternal life. It is in this way there is a spiritual ascent similar in the destiny of Chartres. It has risen from an ancient pagan sanctuary for druids, to a great Christian temple, considered to have the hidden communication of Heavenly Jerusalem. The idea that nature speaks in a language of art perfectly associates with words of Charles Baudelaire "Nature is a temple where living pillars sometimes emit confused words." Symbolic representation of nature as a temple, its artistic transformation could be traced also in other images of the work. For example, we see "frozen" fountains, like glass sculptures, and a fancy purple horse.

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