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Reading Lamp

22 X 29 Inches

BOOK is a metaphor for the history of human life. We use the analogy of the book when talking about a significant event in our lives, "one more page is written." For instance, when we mention man’s first flight into the cosmos or to the moon, we say, "one more page is written into the Exploration of the Cosmos."

Reading a book is often breathtaking and evokes imagination, and the butterfly bookmark in the painting is a symbol of the flight of imagination.

Reading requires attention, solitude and silence, relayed by the light contrast, "light of the mind amidst the darkness."

Writings on the background:
• Vita brevis, ars vero longa, occasio autem praeceps, experientia fallax, judicium difficile
Literal translation:
Life is short, science is vast, chance is shaky, experience is deceiving, judgement is difficult.

Source: Hippocrates
• Voluntas est superior intellectu
Literal translation:
Will is superior to intellect
• Vox audita perit littera scripta manet
Literal translation:
Spoken word dissapears, written letter remains.

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