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Scent of a Woman_Oil

10 X 14 Inches

Scent of a Woman

• A movie with the same title starred Al Pacino as Lt. Col. Frank Slade.
• Slade loves women more than anything.
• He is blind, but has a soul full of passion and fire. He also has a nose that can, without fail, identify the object of his desires!

According to psychologists, the shape of the human nose not only reflects the character, creative, musical, artistic, and intellectual abilities of a man, but also can tell a lot about his sex drive. The artist plays with the sexual symbolism of the nose, by enlarging it in as a seaside rock. At the same time, the naked woman lying on the shore is represented in a more generalized way. The softness and tenderness of her body is a contrast to the hard and mighty structure of the nearby rock.

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