Segway Seahorse

26 x 11 X 8 Inches

Seahorse Segway

There could be no doubt that what we have here is a brand new fauna specimen, a fresh artefact uncovered by the artist’s imagination and belonging simultaneously to two elements – the Ocean and the Earth.
The back of this peculiar creature’s head in the form of a seahorse resembles broadly the head of an ordinary horse. And the overall shape is that of a corresponding chess figure. This fish does not have scale; a corset of bone plates replaces it with the edges protruding from under the skin. Some of the plates have spikes and look like a suit of armor that was used as protection wear for the horses in the knightly tournaments.
As a seahorse he could be expected to move only up and down under the water, climbing over the seaweed and plants, but having a wheel makes it possible for him to ride along magically turning into a unicycle rider in a circus! The audience gazes in admiration at his colorful appearance and the silence of the ocean depths is replaced by the burst of earthly noises and commotion of applause. Whereas before he was drifting vertically or stayed put, latching with his tail onto some undercurrent growth, now in his new role he can fully join in the bustle of the city life.
We can also notice a small but significant detail – a little headlight attached to the wheel with a star inside. It allows the new species of a seahorse to safely navigate the busy city roads even by night.
The rear fin that looks like a wing reminds us of the mythical winged horse Pegasus, the darling of the Muses. We know from the Greek mythology the various versions of Pegasus’ birth, including his appearance from the ‘springs of Oceanus’ – hence the name (πηγή – pēgē – meaning "spring, well").
And so here he is, in full glory of an all-round performer!

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