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Spirit of Beethoven_Oil

30 X 24 Inches

It seems that the very dramatic life of a genius steps into this painting, creating a whirlwind that picks up pages of musical scores. It is known that Beethoven often used contrasts in the area of melody, harmony and rhythm. Sharp dissonances are one of the main characteristics of Beethoven's music. This painting is also built with contrasts; the centuries long currents of the river between mountains covered with "Black Forest," divergent with the vortex of musical score pages and the mask of the composer. The artist combines two spaces, the lyrical space of powerful nature and the theatrical space. This is the "space of Beethoven" - the key moment and the metaphor of the painting. The borderline between these two spaces is conventional and is drawn from the depths, creating a sudden precipice. The moonlight shining in the painting reminds us of a most famous and dramatic musical piece, "Moonlight Sonata."

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