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Sunset On The Beach


Sunset On The Beach

15.5 X 31 Inches

The sun rises and sets for millions of years, the ocean rolls its green waves toward the shores of the earth and the sky shines with blueness – but only with the arrival of Man was this beauty recognized! The mythicalpoetical background of the painting is the birth of the world, where the division of the elements – sky, earth, and water – took place. In the foreground, peoplesnails associate with the actors of a giant theatrical performance, the final steps in forming the world. Their yearning for the water is reminiscent of the difficult and dangerous journey turtles must make to reach the protective waters of the ocean. It can symbolize Man's intuitive longing for freedom and, in addition, longing for the discovery of beauty and unity of the world by way of observation and contemplation. The spiral structure of the shell is a symbol marking time. The shell resembles a copper pipe, with the help of which man declares his victory and triumph over the elements and to all.

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