The Island

25 x 11 X 14 Inches

The Island

On one hand we see the snail, moving along with its baggage-shield. As well known, the snail is a symbol of sluggishness and slowness. It relates to the natural processes happening around us—such as the formation of mountains, islands and Earth—which we do not notice due to its slowness.
On the other hand, we see the cloud, clinging to a mountain, which is typical for the islands, such as Hawaii.
The famous verses by a romantic poet Lermontov come to mind:
By a cliff a golden cloud once lingered;
On his breast it slept, but, rising early,
Off it gently rushed across the pearly
Blue of sky, a tiny thing and winged.
Still, a trace it left upon the stony
Giant's heart, and plunged in thought and weeping
Slow and tortured tears, he stands there, keeping
Vigil o'er the gloomy waste and lonely.

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