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Three Graces


Three Graces

20 X 25 Inches

In the ancient world, the graces represented everything that constituted the beauty and attractiveness of life. They often escorted the winged god, Amour. They were invited to the beginnings of all celebrations so that they would bring gentle festivity and quiet harmony to those present. The three graces are always pictured embracing each other, and their main goal is to bring to people all that decorate their lives and make them happy. The motion of the time is inevitable and the mythopoeic background transforms this into a game that possesses unrivalled vitality and beauty: a top controlled by an unseen hand, and a stranger's will entertain viewers. As the spinning of the top winds down and the spring breaks, the toy is forgotten and joins other such things backstage. Presented onstage is the conciseness of inspiration, the moment of a successful performance, time compressed into a single point like the vortex of a cone.

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