Three Steps of Spirit

33 x 33 X 40 Inches

Three Steps of Spirit
In the Incan symbolic model of the universe (Andean Cross or Chakana) there are three steps or ridges of the world represented by the images of sacred animals:
1. snake stands for the underworld
2. buffalo represents the earth
3. condor is a symbol of heaven
Human thought is often associated with the metaphor ‘flight of fancy’ and in the painting it is symbolically represented in the image of condor. Buffalo or bison was a sacred animal in a number of world cultures, including America.
The spiral curve in the painting is a line of ascent of the Human Spirit from the lower (Snake) to the higher (Condor) energy level.
The snake-train going round the mountain is worth a special reference.
An image of the serpent biting its own tail was first discovered 16 centuries ago in Egypt. There it was symbolic of the sun returning daily to the point of setting, where it disappears into the under-world. Later this symbol was used by Venetians and ancient Greeks, who called that serpent ouro-boros, which means “eating its tail” and is also interpreted as “my end is my beginning.” Maxima “all in one” accompanies the symbol.
What for us is the World Ocean for Greeks was a river encircling the earth. It was the source of all earthly waters and had neither estuary nor beginning.
The circle-like figure of the snake biting its own tail, the ouroboros, is an all time sign, the symbol of eternity and the cycles of time and life.

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