Time Weaver

20 x 4 X 14 Inches

Time Weaver
There are spiders known as “golden weavers” – the name derived from the yellow threads of the web that shine like gold in the sunlight. This is how the bees are trapped, attracted by those bright yellow threads.
The golden spider in this artwork is an imitation of the sun and its legs are like the sun rays.
Unlike common spider depictions the whole web including the markings of time hanging on it, appears inside the clock face.
World Wide Web symbolically refers to the internet, which encompasses every instance of human knowledge. Splendid broadcasts, like enticing golden rays, draw in the population of the planet, who rarely consider their source.
In that context it is interesting to compare this work with an early painting by the artist The Shine of Gold, where the global Spider is bedazzling people with the splendor and dragging them into his deadly “golden web.” It is worth noting that the spider there prefers to remain in the shadow while awaiting his prey.
Another interesting comparison can be made with the painting Eclipse, which represents an “Eye of the Universe” in the form of the sun watching over and controlling life on Earth.
Also worth mentioning is the artworks Webmaster as the Creator of Time, it’s connection to the Universe, and Millennium Watchman, representing the works of the clock as God’s Workshop.

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