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To Our Time Together


To Our Time Together

18 X 15 Inches

Looking at the painting one could recognize the duality of its images and meanings.We see three vessels filled with lifegiving liquid. From the central vessel, a mountain cup, rushes down a stream of water. In ancient Rome the current According to Seneca, people of the prehistoric Golden Age lived in blissful immobility â€" naturam incorrupti sequebantur â€" without knowing perversity. They followed nature, their mutual feeling. " Spring was eternal, and gentle breezes caressed with warm air the flowers that grew without being seeded… Then the untilled earth gave of its produce and, without needing renewal, the fields whitened with heavy ears of corn. Ovidwater was considered as sacred. The Romans associated its flow with the course of time. Here, a man and a woman thank each other for the time spent together, measured by the falling water of life. But the cup is also a symbol of wine. So, the scene could be interpreted as a ritual of offering the wine. And in wine whiles the wedding of earth and sky, wrote the great German philosopher Heidegger. Thus, the man and the woman might express gratitude to forces protecting their union. Freshly cut flower introduce in the picture a dynamic element contrasting with static background of the colonnade of glasses.

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