15 X 10 x 6 Inches

In medieval towns, before daily newspapers, TV, and WhatsApp came into existence, the most important news, schedules of public executions and tortures were related through a herald. It should be said, that such a function is still alive in England when they let the public know of the births of the royal family.
Key concept
Looking at the green creature with a ‘trumpet,' we can easily imagine a ‘court herald,’ proclaiming yet another ‘royal decree’ to the ‘people’ of the wood. Naturally, the chameleon with its long tongue is chosen to be that herald: wherein the wood would you find someone who can thrust its tongue out in half a second?
The wood is a whole country ruled by its own laws. It has a ‘sovereign’ too – the mighty Lion, to whom today a ‘son’ – a baby lion – is born. This is the news trumpeted worldwide by Herald Chameleon.

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