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Venetian Season

18 X 22 Inches

Venetian Seasons

Venice is a city of canals: you can move around either by water or on foot across the bridges.
Gondola riding along the canals is one of the symbols of Venice and allows visiting tourists to enjoy the architectural layout of the ancient city to the full.
Hello! What is that?! A creature from the World Ocean has entered the regular exotic of the old city! Moreover, this creature – looking very much like a whale – is now part of Venetian tourism: guests from the other side of the globe dressed in white and their gondolier are at ease with this unusual means of the canal transport.
Let us mention also that every year on the Feast of Ascension (Festa della Sense) the Doge of Venice would set out in a procession of hundreds of decorated boats towards the church of San Nicolo del Lido and following an ancient ritual throw a ring into the water saying: “We wed thee, sea, as a sign of everlasting dominion!” This splendid ceremony is performed to this day.
Such a celebration is symbolic since our civilization is part of the World Ocean, which appeared millions of years ago and was called Ouroboros.

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