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Waves Whisper

20 X 30 Inches

Waves Whisper

1. First of all, we notice the stone monuments of a Man and a Woman somewhere on the seashore, engaged in dialogue, as indicated by their faces turned towards each other.
2. We further see two birds circling above the sea and calling out to each other – a dialogue by analogy. Birds are known to symbolize human soul due to their soaring lightness and potential for reaching the sky. According to many religious beliefs they are in touch with divine spheres: in Christianity, the dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit.
3. The role of the sea with the multitude of faces belonging to the “people-waves” becomes evident: apparently, the waves whisper is a clue or allusion to the words of love whispered by the Man on the seashore to the Woman. The role of birds is to symbolize the heavenly or spiritual unity of the two lovers.
Now the idea and symbolism of the painting are fully revealed. As we go further into the background, we notice that the love talk takes place on a stage at the theatre, where the waves form an audience, exchanging in whispers their impressions about the play.

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