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What The Fish Was Silent About


What The Fish Was Silent About

19 X 19 Inches

The bottom of seas and oceans conceals a multitude of secrets of fabulous treasures lost with the sunken ships. It's even hard to imagine how many antique Spanish galleons which transported gold treasures of the New World, sank on their way home. But a fish in a picture couldn't reveal the secrets of hidden American gold. Clad in heavy armor of coins instead of scales, it sank to the bottom too. We see the fish lying beside a jug with precious coins covered with gold sand... Though separately these three things are used as the symbols of wealth in many cultures, taken together they are especially characteristic for the worship of wealth in Old China. One of the attributes of the Chinese god of wealth was a magic vessel capable of multiplying gold. Sea dragons most popular personage of Chinese mythology are said to have at the bottom the palaces full of gold and jewels.

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