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Window to Discovery_Oil

46 X 27 Inches

Window to Discovery

1) We see an unveiling ceremony as the “monument” is covered with the white veil.
Besides the eagle’s position and its take off from the top of the mountain resembles the movement of a human taking off the veil.

2) White cover sheet can also be associated with the cover of snow, which is removed in the spring.

3) The figure of the eagle on the top of the mountain resembles the Inca sacred mountain with the condor on top.
According to the Inca symbolism, condor is the symbol of spiritual ascending: “human thought (spirit) hovering above the mundaneness of life (body)

4) New element in the painting in comparison to the traditional image of the Inca mountain- the green sprout, striving upward. It confirms the version of the springtime disappearance of the “white sheets of the winter,” coherent with the condor soaring from the top of the mountain.

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