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Winged Satelite


Winged Satelite

14 X 18 Inches

The artist's imagination reaches for the cosmos, a symbol of a new time, a time of space travel. Examples of space worthiness abound these days. In 2001, the year science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke selected for his famous space odyssey novel, a solarpowered aircraft launched from Kauai set altitude records, skimming the stratosphere. In the "Lost world" of Brazilian rainforests with 40 meter tall trees, there resides a butterfly with a blue sparkle – morpho menelaus. These are the real cosmic butterflies! The wingspan of some specimens can reach up to 20 centimeters and the blue sparkles can be seen up to a kilometer away. Indigenous Indians named morpho menelaus after what translates as "A particle fallen from the sky." The intentions of our soul are not always accessible to our consciousness, and we can only imagine them as shapes belonging to the realm of art. The butterfly is the soul! If we begin to trace the path of a butterfly, we will be unable to continue because minor fluctuations lead to unpredictability.

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