Abandoned Dwellings

  • Time is great at covering tracks, including the tracks of life.
  • The conch shell on the shore is empty, lifeless.
  • The secrets of the pharaohs are long dead and buried inside the pyramid.
  • The moon above is uninhabitable, a frozen sphere. Long ago, perhaps its atmosphere dissolved, causing a now-unknown population to flee, leaving no trace.

The ancient river of life dries up and the sands of time wash over the landscape, filling in the former watercourse. The caravan is in a hurry to reach new settlements where the warmth of house lights beckon and the river of life is overflowing.

All alone in the uncaring coldness of the cosmos, man looks out for a foothold in the world and realizes it is time to renounce his naive faith in the unwavering power of matter – the corporeal – and search for the spiritual.

The symbolism of the geometrical figures – the circle, spiral, and triangle – is worth commenting. The circle and the spiral are symbols of perfection, of the cosmos itself, whereas the triangle stands for the triad of "heavens – sky – lower world" or "mind – body – soul."