Above the World

  • The impressive figure of Christ the Redeemer on the narrow top of Mount Corcovado calmly overlooking Rio de Janeiro, the large, bustling old capital of Brazil, is a familiar image to many.
  • The almond shape is an ancient symbol. It is prominent in medieval Christian art, in which it surrounds figures of the resurrected Savior or Virgin Mary.
  • In the second poem of Doctor Zhivago, Russian poet Boris Pasternak expressed his feelings about the sacrifice of the Savior as "Your arms will spread out to the ends of the cross / To embrace too many." The words have a touch of bitterness in response to the imperfection of the world He came to redeem.

The artist expands the boundaries of time by painting the world as it was in the beginning.
From the distant past, the wonder-working light of God's creation streams upon us.
Everything is bathed in its warm ochre. Fresh green saplings push through the growth
rings of the wood that mark the timeline of the world's creation and maturity. The parting
in the intersecting lines forms an almond shape or mandorla, representing the convergence of the two elements, heaven and earth, a symbol of birth.

He came to redeem the world. He also came to show us how beautiful it really is.