Across the Mountains and Into the Trees

  • The title of the painting relates to Ernest Hemingway's 1950 novel, Across the River and Into the Trees.
  • As with many of Hemingway's works, this one is full of autobiographical details intertwined with time present and days remembered.

Love is associated with a private garden protected from prying eyes by a landscape filled with trees or mountains. It is a concept as familiar as the Garden of Eden or heaven, connected with the images of Adam and Eve in the Christian culture or with Hindu art depicting Shiva and Parvati.

The blue colors that dominate the painting are a symbol of the skies, infinity, and spiritual life. The petals resemble feathers that can evoke the image of the Blue Bird that brings happiness and good fortune to those in love. The Blue Bird, became a popular symbol of joy and happiness after Maurice Maeterlinck's 1908 play of the same name.