Arrow of Time

  • The Arrow of Time is a concept developed by English physicist Arthur Eddington to describe the one-way direction of time.
  • With Einstein's principle of relativity, time turned into one of the dimensions of four dimensional space (the Minkowski Light Cone).
  • The cosmological arrow of time shows that time has its zero point – the Big Bang –and the end – the Big Crunch – when the universe and time will disappear.

The painting symbolically represents the changes not only in natural history, but in mankind. An arrow piercing the hourglass is a vivid symbol of the rapid acceleration of history in the last century. Time is no longer trickling away like sand through the neck of an hourglass, but it swiftly flies forward.

A lot of things that we would like to keep are being destroyed in its wake – day-to-day stability, confidence in the future, cultural diversity.