Atlas of Wander

  • This is one of the artist's early pieces. Later, he will paint the theme of discovering the world in Diary of Discoveries.
  • As the autumn wind tears the leaves off the trees, a wind of wandering drives the artist to distant lands. The whole world is open to his spirit, but the needle of h is compass points south, where "the sky looks into the face of the ocean." He goes to America and flies on to Hawaii. He encounters a new world to draw – ocean breakers and palm trees – that he had never seen before.

The painting reveals a window on the surrounding world. This window appears in a most unlikely place and the view it offers can change as easily as turning the pages of a book. It is as if an atlas had been left open to the prevailing breeze until the pages opened to a map of a distant, overseas place.

The yacht on the open ocean is a symbol of the artist's yearning to set off for new shores, for the unknown. The unrestrained wind of wandering seems to blow off the open sea, while the salt water from the ocean sprays his face. This is not just a thirst for a change of scene, but a subconscious yearning for freedom.