Cirque du Metal

  • The circus theme has attracted the attention of artists in the past. Consider the paintings of Degas, Renoir, and Toulouse-Lautrec.
  • The artist here is following in this tradition, showing the multicolored brightness of the circus as a celebration.
  • The parade allez is created by the riders with fluttering shirts, and attracts the viewer with the feeling of excitement on the brightly lit stage.

The major difference between this piece and the traditional presentation of the circus theme arises from the "jingle of the metal" that comes from the actors themselves.

In this painting, the artist is following his metaphorical style with its unexpected comparison of the likeness of things. The performer juggling forks, spoons, and plates, is presented as the metallic object itself, juggling balls. The geometric and metallic structure of the performers is emphasized by sharp knife blades and beams of light. At the same time, the light beams are humanized with the faces of the light projectors and their gazes as they direct the viewer's attention to the stage.